Getting Things Done

The beginning of efficiency. David Allen’s GTD is where it all begins. Yes it is geared towards executives, but from students to housewives, from teachers to professional weightlifters, GTD has inspired people to stop carrying around all that unorganized, distracting information and start getting things done! Below is a great video, one of many I will probably post, from David. (We are on a first name basis…at least I am). Favorite quote of the video: “If you put a fence around crap and put a label on it, you’re in control!”

After watching the video, how can this apply to you as a medical student? What parts of your life do you need control and organization so that you can focus on the important things to you? Do you even know what’s important to you?

Stay tuned for a pretty exhaustive guide to Evernote, the single greatest, cross-platform tool to Collect, Process, Organize, Review, and DO. I suggest holding off setting up and spending too much time on Evernote, but feel free to poke around.

As for David Allen, click below for a link to the book. I bought the audio version a few years ago and it enlightened me, to say the least.

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