“! Now” Tag

This is a concept I have been testing out for a while. I think it goes well with the GTD system and increasing an overall level of awareness.

The first thing to do is create a new tag named “! Daily”

Now let’s create our note, which should automatically be created in the “Inbox”. Name it whatever you want. I chose “Exercise”. Also, tag it “! Daily”. Click the table icon and make a 7×7 table at 100%

Take a peek at a real calendar to make sure you fill it in correctly. Each cell should contain a checkbox (Cmd+Shift+T on a mac) and the number of the week.

Now this part is kind of important. Instead of going through that process over and over, instead just right click the note and choose to copy it to your “Inbox” Notebook. Make sure you tag it! I cannot stress that enough. Notes that are moved to a cabinet without a tag have no way to be retrieved. Rename it whatever you want.

You can also use things besides checkboxes, say if you want to track how many glasses of water you’ve had? The world is your oyster. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Water intake
  • Exercise
  • Daily devotional
  • Hours of study
  • Journal
  • Vitamins
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