Anki 2.0

This is just a quick note to people that use Anki 2.0 beta (link to beta at bottom).

Below is a screenshot of a question asked for the first time:


If you completely missed the question, hit 1 (again). If you felt comfortable hit 2 (Good). If you recited it word for word, hit 3 (easy).

Now this is every important. The next time you get the question, and get it right, press 2 again to promote it just one level (or else you will promote it straight to the top if you press 3). Example below:


The trick is to use 1 and 2 to promote/demote the card. Use 3 to keep it in the mix and make sure you retained it when you see it 4 days from now.

I hope that helps. I was having some frustration with it today so I thought this would be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, I plan to do a full Anki guide for medical school at a later date.

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