Creating Your Own Reader App

Having just created my blogroll, I decided to look at the flow of information I get across the 41 blogs to which I subscribe. In doing so, I think I have created a worthwhile system.

Originally, my favorite app was Reeder for Mac, iPad and iPhone. I paid good money for an awesome app that synced beautifully across all systems, cleaned up nicely with a click on Readabilty, and exported nicely to Evernote. That all ended when Google Reader ended, thus removing the infrastructure. While Feedly has done a good job taking over (though their freemium system might lack a few thing), the application is kinda lacking and exporting to Evernote is missing from the iPhone and iPad. Still, Feedly taking over the infrastructure means keeping all your blogs on Feedly is a good idea. In fact, Reeder uses it as its infrastructure. I decided to set up a system where all my blogs import directly into Evernote.

First, subscribe to all your blogs on Feedly. It’s easy to put them all into one category. (I chose “feeds”)

Next, subscribe to “If This Then That”. There is an iPhone app that is just as easy to use (it’s what i used for the images in this post). Basically you activate channels by logging into your accounts. Link your Feedly and Evernote account.

Create an “if” that activates when a new blog post is made in the “Feeds” category. (All are in that category for me)

The “then” of the equation is to create a new note in Evernote with the “Feeds” tag. I chose to put it directly in my main Notebook. Imagine a folder in a real cabinet that magically filled with new material as blogs around the Internet updated. They’re in Evernote, ready to be moved to other tags like “how to” or “quotes & antecdotes” etc. or like most posts, just delete them after reading.

Also as a note, this system just gives a synopsis of the post. If you want to read the whole thing you have to click through. It gives the blog hits for advertisement. You can forward the full post from the blog’s site to Evernote if you want.








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