Resurrecting the blog

Wow, 2.5 years later and I find the username and password to log in! I have been receiving comment approval updates for years, but I couldn’t reset the password or remember my log-in. (And whoever says to use long complicated passwords…screw you. I should have just went with the same trusted password I use on all non-money related things).

So here we are! In no particular order, here are some topics I want to explore:

  • Review of the current paid study apps (Firecracker, Memorang, Flashfacts, etc)
  • Update on Anki as a free, customizable way to review your own content (with comments about shared Anki decks)
  • A in-depth guide on how to create and manage a calendar/agenda
  • An in-depth guide to David Allen’s Getting Things Done
  • An in-depth guide to Evernote, and its awesome ubiquitousness (esp. in the GTD system)
  • An in-depth guide to managing your money
  • How to write a personal statement and all things ERAS
  • Review of productivity apps and systems (RescueTime, the Pomodoro technique, etc)

I am also open to suggestions, or else I will just troll Reddit and SDN for things people are complaining about that I can comment on.

I will also say that I have this ego-protecting habit of thinking I know things or have some insight better than N=1, but I really want to keep this blog humble. Like Lewis and Clark, all I am saying is I’ve been there once and took good notes, so hopefully Managing Medicine (as I transition into residency and embrace the full glory of my domain name) will be a useful resource on this long road of delayed gratification.

– MM

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