Welcome to Managing Medicine! I am a 5th year MD/MA Bioethics student. I created this site with one goal in mind: to help you manage medical school and beyond. The information overload is bad enough, but the real difficulty is building a system to handle it all. And just when you think you get it, you move from pre-clinical to clinical to residency (and I hear theres life after that too!)

I am just an explorer of this “productivity” domain, hoping to fill a niche for my fellow physicians. Hopefully the topics and resources covered here will help.

I appreciate any feedback from viewers and am also welcome to collaboration with fellow students, residents, and doctors.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Great site! Really useful stuff, let me know if you want to guest post at my blog, and gain a larger audience.



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Welcome to Managing Med-School! A place for resources and discussion about how to manage your hectic life as a medical student and on into your career.
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