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A Preview of the GTD to Come

Getting Things Done, the productivity system created by David Allen, has been the backbone of my personal system for almost a decade. I live and die by it. I plan to do multiple posts on the ideas in the book,

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Resurrecting the blog

Wow, 2.5 years later and I find the username and password to log in! I have been receiving comment approval updates for years, but I couldn’t reset the password or remember my log-in. (And whoever says to use long complicated

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Creating Your Own Reader App

Having just created my blogroll, I decided to look at the flow of information I get across the 41 blogs to which I subscribe. In doing so, I think I have created a worthwhile system. Originally, my favorite app was

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My Guide to the USMLE Step 1

I have been waiting to write this for 2 years. Part of being an organization addict means that when you face something as daunting as Step 1 and spend an inordinate amount of time learning about how to prepare for

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GTD Workflow Diagram

Here’s something I put together using Lucidchart. It’s a neat little webapp that allows you to create relatively robust diagrams for free. The beauty of Evernote is the ubiquitousness of its importing ability. You can forward (or redirect) emails from

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How to make high quality Anki cards quickly

This will not be a complete guide to Anki. I think their manual is plenty detailed enough. This will by a set up guide to use Anki for In-house exam stuff. I found this extremely helpful until Spring Break when

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Tony Robbins Motivates you in 20 minutes

I would say I am about 50% internally and 50% externally motivated. What’s nice is external motivators are usually consistent. Whether it’s school’s constant deadlines or bills or even the expectations of family and friends, external motivators are always there

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